Foxhill Community Church

  • 30 Hillview Road
  • Carlton
  • Nottingham
  • Nottinghamshire
  • NG4 1LB

What we believe

We believe the Bible to be God's inspired Word and it is the basis of everything we believe, teach and practice

God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe

He has eternally existed in three personalities, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We believe that God's perfect creation was spoiled by sin and that Jesus Christ, died to be the Saviour of all those who believe and are born again of God's Spirit

We believe and live in the expectation of the return to earth of Jesus Christ, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords

We believe that mankind was created to exist for ever and that we will either exist eternally separated from God by sin in hell, or eternally with God in Heaven through forgiveness and salvation